Let's Hear it for the Women!

Although  March is designated as Women's History Month, we obviously learn about women who have made a difference throughout the year.  This was a quick and easy group assignment: Women's History posters.
We are still virtual, so here are the directions I gave my students:
  1. Read a book (or 2 or 3) from our Epic Books Collection
  2. Take notes on why the woman in your book is important in your Reader's Notebook
  3. Share most important facts to your breakout room
  4. Find a photo of your woman & right click to SAVE to your computer
  5. Upload photo to https://www.remove.bg/ then SAVE to your computer
  6. Drag the saved photo (with background removed) to your slide
  7. Write in 1st person about your woman
There are so many wonderful books about women who have made a difference, but here are a few of the ones we have read this year:
I gave the link to the Google Slides in the Zoom chat, then put students into breakout rooms. They each shared which woman they had read about, then created a poster together. Their breakout room number is the slide number they worked on, which kept it simple. One of the coolest features to use in Slides (if students are all working on the same presentation)  is if you click on the waffle icon at the bottom, you can see all your students' slides in real time. You can view who is making progress or highlight work and send them a message. 
Download a copy of this template HERE or by clicking on the images below.
These posters are terrific for any subject! They are a quick and easy way to have students share or summarize facts, plus they make eye-catching digital displays! 

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  1. We don’t hear enough about women’s history. Thanks for reminding us!