Tried & True Fraction Freebies

 What are you teaching in math right now? We are exploring fractions but doing this virtually has needed some thinking outside the box! Here are some of my tried & true activities and websites to use.

Students love learning about each other! When teaching in person, I used to put students into groups of 4 or 5. (Specifically groups of 4 or 5 so it would be easy to make equivalent fractions with hundredths, for decimals and percentages) They would have to talk to each other and ask questions to find out what they had in common. Next, they would write their findings as a statement, fraction, decimal and percentage. This year, since we are virtual, breakout rooms was the perfect way to group kids. I popped into each room and took a screenshot of each group to use as their photo.

You can download a copy of People Fractions directions and templates HERE (You will be asked to make a copy)

As teachers, we know the importance of hands-on manipulatives. But what if students do not have access to those manipulatives at home? The Math Learning Center has virtual/digital pattern blocks. It is FREE and easy for kids to manipulate and use. Exploring with pattern blocks is crucial to understanding fractions! Of course, just as we would do in class, I give students a 15 minute exploration period first. You know they LOVE pattern blocks and come up with so many creative designs. If you do not give them time to explore, they will "explore and design" during your lesson; lol!  Check out the virtual pattern blocks HERE

Art Gallery Problem is a great way to get students to understand fractions not only as "pies" or "bars", but also as parts of a whole. 

Download Art Gallery Problem HERE.  (You will be asked to make a copy)

You may also be interested in an engaging Fraction Review Scoot. You can check it out HERE or by clicking on the images below.
Whether you are in the classroom or teaching remotely, I hope these activities are helpful! For more teaching ideas, visit the blogs below!

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  1. Love these ideas to help with teaching fractions. My college kids still struggle with fractions so new ideas help me as well.