Tried & True Bookmaking: Rubberband & Stick Book

Are you loving this bookmaking series as much as I am?! This is another low prep, cost-effective (cheap) book that is simple for kids to make.
For this book, all you need is a hole punch, a stick (craft stick or real stick/twig) and a rubberband. Because of the simple binding, it is easy to add in additional pages if necessary. For these books, students used tissue paper and starch on posterboard to make the covers, then added the twig and rubberband to bind. These particular books are Native American scrapbooks, so we wanted to keep the rustic/ nature-y look. You can read more about this project HERE.
With this book, instead of a rubberband, students used raffia to tie and wrap around the stick. They also used a handmade paper instead of tissue paper and starch.  It turned out beautiful!
Don't you love how videos always seem to freeze the most unattractive expressions?! LOL! Click on the video to learn how to assemble this simple book!
I know your class would love to make these books! In what other ways could you use them? Let me know!

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  1. Hello, Kathie! I didn't see an email address to contact you, but I was wondering if I might use your images of the stick and rubber-band books for my online middle school art course. I work for Virtual VA, the state's online school. I would, of course, credit you and link back to your blog in my citations. Please let me know!