Integrating Music, Science & Technology

There's nothing like music to get students motivated and hooked on learning.
Have you ever heard of Soundtrap? It's a FREE program to make music online!
Soundtrap works on almost any device and projects are stored in the cloud so you can access them wherever you are. (ie. students can start this project at school, but work on it at home) And students can collaborate to create music together!  Here's how it works:
Every single one of my kiddos was successful in creating a theme song. I love how each of their songs sounded uniquely like them. Since we were learning about sound waves in our NGSS physical science unit, we printed each student's theme song so they could actually see their longitudinal wave patterns. They could see how (or if) their patterns repeated, the length of their phrases, etc.

But then, if that wasn't cool enough, we spoke to our art teacher and she had the brilliant idea of turning their waves into art! She had each student draw 2-3 horizontal lines across a piece of art paper, depending on their song and the number of sections it had. Next, they took their unique printout and copied the waves with a Sharpie.
Using colored pencils, keeping warm colors or cool colors together, kids copied and extended the black wave lines. They came out so beautiful!!

WAIT! It gets EVEN better!! Our amazing technology teacher taught our kids how to go back into Soundtrap and create a QR code for their song. He printed them out & the kids glued them onto their artwork. Now people can scan the code & HEAR the theme song for each artwork! It is SO fantastic!! Try scanning a few of these so you can see & hear how it works!
This has been our favorite project this year so far! What a meaningful way to integrate the arts, science, and technology into our classroom! Let me know if you try it with your students!


  1. What a cool project -- I love all the cross-curricular connections!

    1. Thanks, Susan! The kids learned so much from this project & each student was successful!

  2. I can not WAIT to try this with my students this semester! :) THANK YOU