Angle Art

Other teachers are some of my best teachers. Inspired by my friend, Layla, over at Fancy Free in Fourth , we practiced making and measuring angles (while creating a cute bulletin board display!)
This is a great activity for using up scraps of paper. . . I sliced up strips of neon paper. Students created straight, right, acute, and obtuse angles. They used a particular color for each type of angle, then noted the color on the key.
The neon colors really pop on the black paper. Next, they measured each angle with a protractor. They LOVE using this math tool, and I love that they're practicing one of the eight CCSS standards for mathematical practices: Use appropriate tools strategically.
My students were also very  motivated to borrow my "special silver Sharpie" to record their angles on the black paper :) Voila! A cute geometry display and a greater understanding of angles!
How do you reinforce learning angles and using protractors?

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