Mom Made Us Write this in the Summer: Book Review

You know you have a good book when your youngest daughter has stolen  borrowed your book & is giggling away on the couch while reading! (& refusing to give it back!!)
My two oldest daughters had forewarned their 10-year little sister about Mom (that'd be ME!) making them read & write every day in the summer. (Now they're 19 & I have no summer schedule control!) And yes, moaning & groaning always ensued. . . So this book was perfect! Mom Made Us Write This in the Summer by Ali Maier is not only a summer journal, but a joint journal written by 10-year-old twins, Max & Maggie. Their mom has the brilliant idea of having the twins share a journal to develop their communication skills (they think that's ridiculous): one picks the topic each time, but then they both have to write to that topic. They are also allowed to comment on each other's entries (in a positive manner). It's actually hilarious & even got me laughing aloud because I felt like Maggie & Max were my own kids complaining about me!

As siblings often do, they sometimes choose topics that they KNOW their twin would hate, such as going to the doctor (Maggie is terrified of the doctor and shots), or shopping (Max despises shopping). The kids' point of view and their drawings add to the humor of the story.
Becca loved the book and finished it in just a couple of days. "Brothers are annoying," she remarked. Her other comment was, "Kids would never write this." When I asked her to elaborate, she said it was because no kid would write that much in a journal! Lol

Mom Made Us Write This in the Summer is a fun read & perfect timing for summer! There are also two more books in the series:  Mom Made Us Write This: Write your Own Shared Journal and Mom Made Us Write This: Family Quiz Book.

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