Celebrate Dad!

This week's Sharing is Caring link is Celebrate Dad, in honor of Fathers' Day! 
Since our school year  now starts in August, we are no longer in school during Fathers' Day. But this is a quickie post; a bit of a hodge podge in honor of our dads!
I couldn't ask for a better father. He was (is) always the rock of our family. And yes, we used to call him old-fashioned and too strict, but boy am I glad now! My sisters (& mom) and I always knew we came first and he remains actively involved with the grandkids! He'll be turning 85 this year, but is still just as sharp and just as thoughtful & generous! Here's one of my favorite pics of the two of us from 1969.
A big Daddy shoutout also to my hubby! He's a terrific dad & role model for our daughters; he enjoys spending time together:  planning family vacations, weekend activities, and he takes the time to ask how their day was (then truly listens!) I love that since Becca is the only one at home now, they go on Daddy-daughter adventures (their favorite times include fishing, bike riding, and  riding the subway)!
And I am also so thankful for my ex because of his continued involvement and commitment to our daughter, Kayla. Now while his idea of spending time together may not be my boring safe idea (see the skydiving pics below!!),  I do appreciate the fact that he makes an effort to plan things they both enjoy.
To also celebrate Dads, I just discovered this wonderful website: Daddy Daughter Time. They've compiled a list of children's literature that feature dads! Click on the picture below to view the many titles.
When our school year used to include the month of June, my favorite Fathers' Day gifts to make were personalized notepads. You can never have too many notepads, right?! These are so simple to make:
Are you still in school for Fathers' Day? How do you celebrate dads & caregivers?


  1. I LOVE the notepad idea. Thank you for sharing.

    1. They're so easy & fun to make! Although the notepad recipient will sometimes not want to pull the sheets off the pad to use because they're so cute! Lol

  2. Great Post! Love the web site and I will surely be making a notepads with my kids! Thanks~Thia

    1. I was glad to find the daddy website, too! Thanks for stopping by, Thia!