The Sunday Scoop

Wow! Two blog posts in one day! Love The Teaching Trio's weekly linky party: The Sunday Scoop. They make it easy to join in!
As you can see from the 3 Things I Have to Do, writing this blog post contributes to my procrastination problem!! Laundry, cleaning, and grading. Ugh!

The weather here has been gorgeous; I'm determined to go for a walk or a bike ride with hubby tomorrow! (Hurray for Presidents' Day!) I need to get back in the rhythm of regular blog posts, too!

Since my oldest daughter has been in college, we are now so organized and file our taxes early so we can then file for FAFSA early! (If you're not there yet, you are lucky! If you have a child in college, you know what FAFSA is!) It sure feels good to be done until next tax season!

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