Okay, so I meant to get this post out BEFORE Valentine's Day (hence the LOVE teaching title), but life kinda got in the way. . .

During Valentine's Week, teachers all around the country used social media to post why they love teaching! So many positive and inspiring tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram pics & blog posts! What an awesome movement!  (Although I'm embarrassed to admit that I was giving a bookmaking workshop to teachers this week and we wrote a little booklet about why we each love teaching. . . I told them to use the "pound sign" LoveTeaching!! That definitely dates me! Ugh, my teenagers would have been mortified and rolling their eyes!! I quickly corrected myself: "hashtag" LoveTeaching!! I'm still learning. . .)
I love teaching for the challenge, the constant problem solving of how to reach each student, and the newness of each school year and every class. It is a job that is definitely never boring, and sparks determination and creativity in myself. I love finding ways to make content more meaningful and understandable for my children. Although it's a cliche, I love seeing that lightbulb go off, when students finally understand a concept or make connections. I love the collaboration and sharing of ideas between colleagues. I love that after 27+ years, being in the classroom is still where I love to be. In one of my pastor's sermons, he shared the idea of vocation versus occupation. Hmmm... I had not thought about my "job choice" in those terms. I truly believe that teaching is my vocation; my calling. So there in a nutshell, is why I #LoveTeaching! (Not eloquent or very articulate, but from the heart!)
United States Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, even participated in #LoveTeaching week! Here's his brief message to teachers:
I am always in constant amazement of all the dedicated, fabulous teachers out there. They motivate and inspire me! One of my favorite teacher speakers is Guy Doud, 1986 Teacher of the Year. Here's a 5 minute clip of one of his talks; another testament as to why he loves teaching. 
Enjoy our Presidents' Holiday tomorrow! (True, another good reason to #LoveTeaching!) Why do YOU #LoveTeaching ?

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