November's "Monday" Made It! Pointers with Pizzazz!

What teacher doesn't love a fancy pointer, right? Especially when I taught 1st & 2nd grades, I had ALL kinds of pointers: apple pointers (big & small), finger pointers (for use on my overhead projector!!), wand pointers with glitter, star pointers. . . you name it!! So I was especially excited when I saw BIG hand/finger pointers at a conference!! However, when I saw they cost $15, I was not so excited. I decided to make my own!
  • knit gloves (99 Cent Store) (Being from California, I had to look up the proper terminology between gloves & mittens!! Mittens, evidently have fingers!)
  • costume jewelry: rings, bracelets (99 Cent Store)
  • dowel (Michael's 59₵)
  • small bag of Polyfil: batting/stuffing (Joann's Craft Store $2.50 but I only used a handful so there is enough left to make TONS more)
  • optional: glue gun 
  • optional: needle and thread
Total cost: LESS THAN $3 to make 1 pointer
Total time: 10-15 minutes!!

The greatest thing about these pointers is their size. The dowels are long enough that students can stand back & not block their work, as they share. The rings I found this time have flashing lights inside them (gotta love those!) These also work great to track words on a class poster or anchor chart, as student read aloud!

My 9-year old stopped to watch me make these pointers (as I was almost finished) & said, "Mom, you should have asked me to help you. I would have filmed you so you could make a video instead!" Shows the generation gap; that had never occurred to me! Well, next time I decide to get crafty, I promised her she could film it!

Thanks to Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for hosting November's Monday Made It linky party!

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  1. Crack me up! Those are hysterical. I gotta keep this in mind :) See you around! Kathleen
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