November's Loved That Lesson! Language Jewels Chest

It's already November and time for Loved That Lesson! linky with Meg over at The Teacher Studio

I love words. I love language, especially language that makes me laugh out loud, or shudder in horror,   or savor a line again and again. We call these lines or phrases Language Jewels (because they are as precious as jewels)! To help my students not only appreciate and savor these lines, but to also model their own writing after our favorite authors, we have posted a Language Jewel (Treasure) Chest. 
As students come across lines they love while reading, they write the line on a sticky note (giving credit to the author or book title, of course) and place it in our Treasure Chest. Students will often stand in front of our chest to reread the Language Jewels, often while laughing or nodding with approval. 
Since gathering these precious bits of language, I HAVE noticed a greater attention to word choice in my kids' writing. And now they want to start adding their OWN lines and phrases (that they have written) as Language Jewels, to be used as a model! 
I love that my students have gained a greater appreciation for language and the powerful effect they can have on the reader!!


  1. Love it! I agree...if we focus on great language, it WILL transfer to their writing! Thanks for linking up this week--hope to see you in December!

    1. Thanks for hosting, Meg! There's always so many terrific lessons shared!