Favorite Classroom Tool

Looking to treat yourself to a classroom tool this holiday season? (I know. . . probably not what you were thinking about. . .) Or are classroom parents asking for a wish list? Okay, this is not a spa gift card, but this tool will make your life SO much easier!
I literally could not live without my long-arm or swing-arm stapler!! I used to use the long-arm stapler to staple booklets, although it is very long to store in my cupboard. I now use the swing-arm stapler for the same purpose, and it is smaller to store.  I use one of these staplers at least once week!
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Step books need a long-arm or swing stapler. They're perfect for any size paper, for organizing information into categories for note-taking or multiple solutions to math problems . Click on the images below or HERE to read more and learn how to make them!

We make mini-books out of manila tag and half sheets of printer paper. Again, use the swing stapler and voila! a book! Kids take more  care and pride in their work when they make a book. Even a vocabulary book becomes simple to make. Read more about specifics HERE or clicking on the images below.
When I'm not using my sewing machine, I use my swing-arm stapler to make published books with students. You can read more about that HERE or by clicking on the image below.
My staplers have traveled with me from school to school and I can't live without them! What is your most useful classroom tool?

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