Tried & True Bookmaking: Raffia Sewing Book

Next up in our bookmaking series! I love bringing in my electric drill and watching my students' eyes light up! LOL
Don't let the drill scare you; it's actually easy to use (and I'm not all that handy) and makes for stunning books! Materials needed:

  • electric drill 
  • drill bit (experiment a bit; it needs to drill a hole large enough to thread your raffia or yarn through)
  • 2 pieces of stiff paper or cardstock for the cover
  • raffia or yarn
  • scissors

The cover for this book below was two sheets of manila tag, covered with ripped pieces of tissue paper and starch. It gives it a very artsy look (and easy for all kids to do!) Add the raffia to bind the book and they are gorgeous!
The book below was so much fun to make! Instead of two separate covers for front and back, we took one sheet of corrugated cardstock (double the length of of the inside papers plus about 2-3 inches extra). We wrapped the corrugated cardstock around the papers, then folded the extra as a flap. After drilling the holes on the left and hand-sewing the yarn to bind it,  kids sewed a large button and elastic to hook the cover closed. 
 Have you tried having your students sew books by hand? Give the drill a try;  I felt like Rosie the Riveter!

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