Tried & True Bookmaking: Pop-Up Book

Here's an oldie but a goodie: the pop-up book. Kids (and adults) never get tired of making these because there are so many options for creativity.
A pop-up book works best with construction paper or cardstock. Printer paper is too flimsy and will not hold up the pop-up figures well. 
 I tend to be picky about filling in the background when illustrating books ("Unless the picture takes place in the snow, there is no white background!") This will need to be modeled for your students. Pages may be made with 1 or 2 pop-ups. Be sure students make the figure that pops up large enough to be seen on the page. Color and cut out around its shape before gluing it on; do not glue a rectangle piece of paper with a figure drawn on it. Cut out the actual shape!
Watch the video below for step-by step directions, including how to attach all the pages and how to make a cover with a spine.

What's your favorite way to use pop-up books? Please share!
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  1. Pop up books are so much fun. I bet your kids absolutely loved this activity.

    1. Thanks, Deann! Once they learn how to make a pop-up, you see kids making them on their own for all occasions! They make really cute cards, too!