Riddling for Geometry

When you think of high school geometry class, do you shudder? I remember hating proofs. Although most students think of geometry as shapes, it's so much more!
For an unforgettable and truly awesome introductory geometry lesson, teach your class Magic Circle. Read about it HERE.  By fourth grade, students need to not only be able to identify basic polygons, but they also need to describe its properties. Geometry riddles are the perfect opportunity to promote thinking and reasoning! Often times we ask our kids to define a shape or angle. However, geometry riddles give students clues to geometric properties and attributes, then they come up with the answer.
Once we've practiced enough riddles, students automatically want to create their own! They created their own riddle books, then gave them to each other to solve.

Another great way to reinforce geometric proofs is using bodies and elastic bands. You can read about it  HERE 

If you want a complete set of geometry riddles and task cards, click HERE or on the picture below.
You may also be interested in this fast-paced review game of Geometry I Have, Who Has.
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  1. What a wonderful way to help kids learn geometry. I was one of those kids who just never got it. Glad I never taught math.

    1. LOL; I was one of the math-haters, too! That's why finding engaging ways to help kids understand is so much fun!