3 Tried & True Parent Communication Musts

Keeping my school families informed of class events, upcoming assignments & deadlines, school activities, as well as student behavior, is a top priority. Since I tend to be a little bit of a control freak like things organized, I'm proactive (& I don't like excuses), giving plenty of advance notice and reminders to my families.  While I do have a class website which takes a little more time to upkeep, here are my top 3 tried & true  QUICK parent communication musts:
If you look around, most adults have their phones with them at all times & they will quickly read texts because they are usually short and immediate. Remind is a FREE website and app that allows you to send reminder class text messages to parents. A couple of great features: you can schedule future messages, and parents do not have direct access to your phone number. There is noticeably greater parent participation at events and less forgotten deadlines, etc. 
Class Dojo 

Another great feature about Class Dojo is that you can share and have access to other teachers and classrooms at your same school site. My 4th grade partner and I have access to each other's classes because we departmentalize for Social Studies and Science; our students know that regardless of which class they are in, we uphold the same standards and same accountability. There are tons of new resources available such as short videos & activities on growth mindset and empathy, digital student portfolios, and photo sharing (think Instagram for the classroom).
 Newsletter Template
If you want important class news to be remembered (& posted on the refrigerator) or for those families who do not have internet access, I make sure to send home hard copies of the updates I have posted on our class website. Click here or on the sample below for your FREE editable template! (Make a copy or download BEFORE editing, please!)
What tools do you use to communicate with parents? 

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