Collaboration & Understanding Can Change the World

March was Women's History Month and the perfect time to highlight contributions that so many women (& girls/teenagers) have made to society!
A truly inspirational young woman, Malala Yousafzai, was the subject of Art with Jenny K's latest collaborative poster! If you have never done one of Jenny's art projects with your class, you MUST! Your kids will LOVE her art! Each student had one page with a sample finished square in the upper left corner and a blank template on the page.

This particular product was relatively simple for my fourth graders to follow because it only used two colors: yellow and blue. Depending on the fine motor skills of my students, I gave less or more complicated coloring pages. However, I did not tell them ahead of time what we would be making.
 They were so curious to see what all their pieces together would make. Each piece is labeled with a letter and a number, making it easy to put in order. I did have my  (adult) aide actually tape down the pieces using double-sided tape. As soon as we put it up and stood back, the kids gasped. They LOVED seeing what each of their pieces made when assembled altogether.  (It was a huge hit at Open House, too!)

Malala was one of the women we had learned about last month and one of my girls had done a report on her. We loved the quote on the poster, which led to great discussions about what it meant.
Malala was a teenager when she was shot by the Taliban. She amazingly survived and has been an advocate for girls' rights to education. She won the Nobel Peace Prize  and the International Children's Peace Prize. You can read more about Malala's story here.
Be sure to check out Art with Jenny K's store to get your own copy of this AMAZING product!! Thank you, Jenny!! What did you do with your students to celebrate Women's History Month?

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