Learning Doesn't Have to Be Scary!

Most of you know I run my math time as a workshop. (You can read more about that here.) One of the most important rotations is "Hands-On" time, so I'm always looking for more games, task cards, and activities that reinforce math concepts and that students can play independently.
Sugar Cube Learning Resources has come out with a new Halloween Literacy, Math and STEM product that incorporates not only the math practice I was looking for, but it is also packed full of great science, art, and literacy activities. My kids especially like the word problems task cards & game board (they don't even mind practicing!) and the QR code math cards.

There's a very fun science lesson where students get to make bouncing eyeballs! There's a close reading passage about the history of Halloween. Check it out here; this can fill the next couple of weeks with CCSS lessons & fun before Halloween!

Another favorite seasonal math activity is Pumpkin Palooza! Students use pumpkins to practice math skills: estimate, weigh, measure, count, and test out hypotheses. This comes with a recording booklet and clear instructions. My fourth graders LOVE doing pumpkin math with our second grade buddies each year!
The days leading up to Halloween can be a little trying, as our students begin to get amped up and distracted about costumes and trick-or-treating :) Don't fight against it; take advantage of the season to reinforce content in an engaging way.

What do you do to keep kids learning during this busy fall season?


  1. I have 5 stations, too, but I probably should make it more CCSS based. Whoops. Lol Here are my stations: (most of these can be searched on Pinterest)
    1.Pumpkin Glyph
    2. Roll a Pumpkin
    3. Watercolor resist art : spider web
    4. "Cook" (more like create) a spider using Donuts and pretzel sticks. Then reading and discussing facts about spiders.
    5. Assembling a skeleton with brads and cutouts

    1. Sounds like your kids learn a lot while having fun!! I want to come observe!! :)

  2. Thank you so much for the shout out Tried and True Teaching Tools! I so do appreciate it. I'm happy your students loved the math games!

    Sugar Cube Learning