FALL in Love with Drill and Kill?

There's just something about technology that motivates my students! Practice multiplication? Groans fill the room. Practice the same multiplication BUT use an iPod to scan QR codes? My kids can practice for hours!!
Third grade ends with students learning 2-digit x 1-digit multiplication problems. Fourth grade should ideally begin with my kids knowing this so we can move on. Alas, it is not always the case! Before we can move on to multi-digit x multi-digit multiplication, my students need lots of practice with just 1-digit! These Fall Multiplication Task Cards are an independent activity that my students use during Math Workshop. (You can read more about that here.)
Sometimes we use these task cards as a Scoot review game (nothing like getting kids up & moving!), or sometimes my fourth graders like to just grab a set and practice on their own. 

There are both 2-digit and 3-digit x 1-digit problems in this set. You can purchase Fall Multiplication Task Cards here.

How do you make math drill & kill engaging for your students?