Currently July 2015

Wow; it's July!! Already time to link up with Farley again at Oh Boy Fourth Grade!
Listening: I'm with my family on vacation right now; we're in Columbia Historic Park (Gold rush country in California). There's a balcony in our 1850's hotel & I'm sitting listening to the stagecoach go by. This place is so quaint and cute! Everyone is still dressed from the 1850's; you can pan for gold, there's a blacksmith, jail, schoolhouse, and we love the sarsaparilla (a rootbeer-like soda). Today we also went 16 stories down into Mercer Cavern and saw gorgeous stalactites and stalagmites! Tomorrow we're off to Sutter's Mill (continuing our historic California tour).

Loving: My 19-year old daughter, Lizz, being with us for a few weeks! She lives in Texas so it's always a treat when she comes to visit! She requested coming to Columbia with us this summer because she had so many fond memories when we took her and my oldest, Kayla, to pan for gold when they were in fourth grade!

Thinking: All my trips this summer seem to be back to back in July; so as we come back from this family vacation, I have to pack and leave for Vegas for the TpT Conference. Whoo hoo!! Cannot wait!!  Then after returning, I unpack, do laundry and repack for a trip to Costa Rica (with hubby ALONE!!).  After Costa Rica, my youngest, Becca & I go to Girl Scout surf camp for a few days, then we come home and leave on a short BIG family trip (28 of us sister, cousins, and grandparents) to Lake Tahoe!!! Whew! That's a lot of different types of clothes to pack!

Wanting: And somewhere in all the fun, I have so many pending posts & products. . . Well family first :)

Needing: Oh yea, and the unsightly garage comes in the "needing to do while I"m off of school" list. But from reading above, that has not quite happened yet. Plus it's in the 100 degrees. It'll keep.

All Star: This new category is what I'm an all-star at? First thing that came to mind was photography. I'm never without a camera since I was little & I'm good at capturing moments "on film" (what do you call that now that everything is digital??) So all these vacations are perfect for pictures and then scrapbooking, another love of mine! (Another hobby that takes time!! Aaaaahh!)

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  1. I LOVE that you love taking pictures, too! I hope to one day get a big girl camera and NOT just my iPhone haha :)

    Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd

    1. My iPhone is great for quick sharing, but it's no comparison to my "real" camera! :)

  2. What a busy summer you have planned! Enjoy it!!

    1. Thanks, Angela! I often need school to start just to "relax" & get back on a schedule! Ha ha!