The Tale of Edgar Trunk

What is a sludge factory? The Tale of Edgar Trunk: Book 1 is a mystery adventure about Edgar, who has been orphaned since age 1 and spent most of his ten years in a horrible sludge factory. He lives a miserable life until everything changes when a mysterious knocking sound draws him into the maze of factory hallways and through a peculiar door, where an entire world of curiosities and adventure opens up before him. However, to realize his true destiny he will have to escape the terrifying evil force known only as IT and solve the mysteries of the factory before it is too late.
Our upper grade students were treated to guest author, Jason Silva. He began by reading a mysterious letter, while sitting at a table laid with curious items. Our students were riveted from the beginning. His book(s) take place in a dark, magical setting. There are creepy villainous characters and an unlikely hero you can't help but cheer on. 
Silva says his books have a message of hope. Although Book 1 just scratches the surface of the mystery, the central message is that "when things seem irreversibly dark, we can bond together, face it together. But ultimately hope comes from within us, and we don't know always know why. There are curiosities in this world and in Edgar's, as well as spells, which come in many forms. Trust your heart."
I especially loved when kids asked Silva about his own writing process. They gasped as he said he writes his stories relatively quickly, but then takes 2 or more YEARS to revise! :)
Silva was kind enough to sign books for students, and as you can see above, my kids immediately found a place to start reading, as he continued to sign books! Even my youngest daughter, who is not much of a fantasy fan, said the book was "creepy but REALLY good!"

For more information on Jason Silva and his soon-to-be trilogy of Edgar Trunk,  check out his website: Edgar will become one of your new favorite characters!
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  1. I am so intrigued and want to read this book! I think I will need to purchase the books on Amazon ASAP. I was wondering if you know the reading level for this it more for upper elementary? Thanks for sharing!!

    1. You will definitely enjoy the books! Yes, they're for upper elementary (3rd on up), but I'm sure even 2nd grade might like as a read aloud!