Turn OFF Your Screens and Turn ON Your Life!

I'm baaaack. . . last week was National Screen-Free Week. Several teachers and their classes at our school committed to one week with NO screens (iPods, iPads, TV, video games, etc.), other than for school or work purposes. To make it simpler, my grade-level partner and I did not give any assignments that needed a computer (although. . .we did have state testing on computers last week!!)
Instead of being on screens,  we had our students keep a journal. Each night they had to write a journal entry about their screen-free day and we shared throughout the week. (Before this, we brainstormed all the things they could do instead of immediately turning on the TV or other device.) You can download your FREE journal cover template here. Check out http://www.screenfree.org/ for some great resources, including a parent letter, commitment/pledge cards, lists of alternative activities, and even anticipated questions with answers.

I loved hearing what my kids were up to after school! 
While the school days were not as difficult, the weekend proved to be challenging for me, too. Consciously choosing to turn off really made me realize how routine it is to grab for my phone. But guess what? The world did not stop just because I did not update my status, post my current pictures, or "like" friends' posts!! Lol!! And many of my kids "tattled" on their parents, telling them to get off their phones!

My students had some interesting insights also. I love how this student showed progression during the week:
Have you and your class tried going screen-free? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. I just read a great short story about a screen-free week in Jerry Spinelli's The Library Card. The story is called "Brenda."

    1. Yay! I'm going to look it up! Thanks for letting me know about Brenda!!