Spring Break. . . Is it Really Over?

Wow, this week flew by FAST!! But I'm recharged and ready to go back! Not really. . .  I'd been reading and hearing about other teachers on Spring Break for what seemed like WEEKS ago!! SO happy it was finally my District's turn! Linking up today with Sandy at ELA Everyday.

We started off the week with a road trip to Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell (in Arizona). My oldest daughter, Kayla, had taken a cross country road trip with some girlfriends last summer (I kept envisioning Thelma & Louise) and she took the most stunning pictures of both places. (She's an amazing photographer; you can read about her here.) She said we had to go there! So off we went (although we were sad she couldn't come; her Spring Break was last month!) Here's my Spring Break in photos:
 Every new place we visited, my mouth would drop open; each canyon or lake was as breathtaking as the one before. Seeing so much beauty in nature immediately brought to mind the scripture:
Seeing these natural formations (well, okay Lake Powell is man-made, but the cliffs on either side are natural) in their vastness, truly make you feel small and you know that only our Creator could have designed this!

The next thing I LOVE the most about Spring Break is having free time!! Don't we all? I LOVED finally having time to read & to scrapbook. I had projects from 2014 that I needed to finish & I did!! Yep, count them: 4 scrapbooks done (& Spring Break trip book almost finished)!! Whoo hoo!! (Although my regular family scrapbook is still a few years behind. . . ugh)
If you've never read Wonderstruck, I highly recommend it!! It's by the same author who wrote The Invention of Hugo Cabret and in the same format: the story is written in text, as well as in pictures. The pictures are not just illustrations; they actually continue the storyline. Still finishing up The Thirteenth Tale and loving Intentional Talk!! So many GREAT ideas!! Everything I Never Told You was for my book club; a story about an interracial family in the 1970's. It's very heartbreaking. And my FAVORITE book this break was You Are More Than You Know. It is hilarious, yet poignant, with words of encouragement and hope!! If you don't know Patsy Claremont yet, you MUST get to know her!!

And of course, Easter! With only my youngest at home, it felt a little empty (although she was quite happy to not share her Easter eggs; lol). After celebrating this holy day at church (He is risen, indeed!), we enjoyed a lovely dinner with my parents, aunt & uncle, and cousin.
Hmmm.  . a picture you're not seeing is how clean my house is. That's still a work in progress (ALWAYS), but there were so many other fun ways to spend my time!

I always find Spring Break to almost be a tease; it's too easy to get used to having an open schedule. Only two more months until summer!!  But who's counting?!

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  1. I loved looking at these pictures! They are stunning! We are planning a trip to the Lower Antelope Canyon & Grand Canyon this summer (on our way to the TpT conference). I've been to the Grand Canyon before, but I've never been to the Antelope Canyon- I can't wait! I see that you went to both the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons. Which did you think was most impressive?

    1. Hi Deb!! We enjoyed both Antelope Canyons, but the Lower one was much more intimate and less crowded. The Upper Canyon had SO many people and there is only one entrance in and out. But both canyons are incredible; I HIGHLY recommend going there! And yay... I can't wait to meet in Vegas!!