Sunday, March 1, 2015

Currently March 2015!

It's already time for another Currently!  March is a "green" month: Girl Scouts' 103rd Birthday! And winding down GS cookie season!
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Listening: With my oldest daughter (who is now a sophomore in college), and my youngest daughter, our favorite pastime during our LONG daily commute to & from school has been/is listening to audiobooks. We've "read" (listened to) almost ALL the children's books in our 3-4 local libraries! Thank goodness for Overdrive, the library's free download app. Now we can download audiobooks, as well as get the CD's . I truly think listening to audiobooks for all these years is one BIG reason why my girls LOVE books and have such large vocabularies! And their teachers have always said they write "with the language of authors." Anyway, right now we're currently listening AGAIN to Wonder by JD Palacio! Love that book!

Loving: I love rain when I'm not at school :) I love hearing the rain on my roof while I'm cozied up inside and watching it fall. I love that we actually have grass growing again in our backyard! But I always hope the rain stops before recess!! Lol. I just read a CNN report that says still California needs 11 trillion gallons of rain to end our drought!! What?!  I can't complain . . .

Thinking: Student-led conferences are this week. I'm finishing writing my narratives on each student and my kids have been busy evaluating their learning goals in their portfolios. This is always one of my favorite times of year; it's awesome to watch and hear my fourth graders lead their conferences. Their parents are always amazed at how well their child can articulate their progress.

Wanting: I'm SOOOO behind in my scrapbooking!! I was quite subdued when my youngest, Becca, looked at me accusingly and said, "Why does my school scrapbook stop after 1st grade and Kayla's scrapbook goes through high school graduation?" Yikes. . .the bain of being the youngest child!! But I promptly ordered all her 2nd & 3rd grade pictures and will attempt to get caught up during Spring Break! (She's now in 4th grade) Plus I have so many trips to scrapbook digitally, too!

Needing: I keep staring at my STACKS of papers and California mission reports that STILL need to be graded!! I can never seem to get ahead!!!

Spring Break Plans: We still have another month to go before Spring Break, but I'm so excited we booked our reservations for Antelope Canyon in Utah!! I've always seen breathtaking pictures of this slot canyon so we decided to make it a family trip! Something to look forward to!

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  1. Our spring break is a month away, too! We can do it...hope your March is fab!
    Good, Good Life

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Michelle! Yes, we CAN do it; then there's only a couple months of school until summer! :)

  2. Our conferences are right around the corner too! I'm doing student-led conferences with my 2nd graders for the first time. Any tips? I'm such a control freak that I'm a little nervous about letting so much go.

    1. Yay for Student-led conferences! I had my 2nd grade lead them for 10 years before switching to 4th grade! The key is to have them practice with a partner or with older grade "buddies". I also let them know ahead of time what to expect, the format, etc. Good luck!! You'll be so impressed with what they will say & do!

  3. Rain!?! I'd love for it to be warm enough to rain! {this is me being jealous lol}


    Mrs. Stanford's Class

    1. Lol! My oldest daughter is going to school in DC & she's getting pretty tired of the snow, too!

  4. I found you on Currently this month, and your blog is beautiful! I would love to know more about your student-led conferences. I'm planning on taking that jump with my students next year. Advice? Mine are at the beginning of the year, so that doesn't leave them a lot of time to prepare what they want to say. Just trying to wrap my mind around how to organize that.

    Is Wonder good? I've heard great things about it. I just bought a copy with my Scholastic order. I hope to get to it this summer. I love audiobooks though!

    1. Hi Erika! So glad you "found me"! I'm planning on writing a post about Student-Led conferences in the next week or so! Once you try them, you will NEVER go back to parent-teacher conferences!! (When the post is up, it'll show up on your Bloglovin' feed!)

      Wonder is AWESOME!! Be sure to also read The Julian Chapter, a short sequel to Wonder!

      Thanks for stopping by!!