January's Loved That Lesson: Gallery Walk!

We go back to school tomorrow and time to think about teaching! (As if I haven't been thinking all Winter Break!) After being off for three weeks, the first week is always hard. . . on all of us! It takes a few days to get kids back into the routine of school.

Gallery Walks are always a great way to get students up and moving, while practicing specific skills or reviewing concepts. The concept is simple and very low-prep. Write review questions on chart paper throughout the room. This can be used with any subject! Students work in pairs or triads to solve each problem/answer each question. After setting a timer (usually no more than 5 minutes), groups move to the next chart, and so on.
These pictures are from the end of last year, so don't think we've already covered these concepts!! :)
You can make a recording sheet, but I just have students use their math notebooks to record answers. (Remember low-prep!) It is a very non-threatening activity and encourages collaboration! At the end of the period, we review answers together and it is a good gauge as to which students need more practice.
I've created a set of Gallery Walk task cards of the math skills we learned before Winter Break (place value, rounding, addition & subtraction of greater numbers, multiplication, and division.) I plan to save and use every year (then I don't feel as bad about wasting so much chart paper)! You can check it out here.
Many thanks to Meg at The Teacher Studio for hosting this monthly linky!


  1. Great idea! Gallery walks are a fun way to get students up and moving and discussing.
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    1. I was thinking about reviewing our Greek & Latin roots via Gallery Walk, too! They don't seem to tire of practicing skills when they're collaborating & walking around! Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer!

  2. Thanks for linking up! We love doing gallery walks too!

  3. Great idea to get the kids up and moving!!

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