Mentor Monday: Books for Veterans' Day

So excited to link up with Emily at The Reading Tutor/OG for Mentor Monday! This week is focused on our upcoming holiday, Veterans' Day!

Two wonderful books I've discovered are both by Melinda Hardin: Hero Dad and Hero Mom.

Hero Dad opens with a catchy line, “My dad is a superhero.” However, he is not a caped crusader: he is a United States soldier in fatigues. As the proud boy explains, Dad has similar traditional superhero accessories: "He doesn't wear rocket-propelled boots. . . he wears army boots." The words on one page, “He can't fly. . .well, sometimes he can,” are accompanied by a picture of Dad and his buddies parachuting from a plane. Here's a Wonder World Kids video: Storytime Hero Dad. (He's a little silly, but does a nice job reading!)
Hero Mom is a beautiful picture book showing mothers and kids of different ethnicities experiencing military deployment. Children compare their moms to superheroes while the illustrations depict each mother's job in the armed forces. "My mom doesn't have super-human speed, but she gets everything where it needs to go, just in time." Illustration shows a mom driving a fuel truck in a convoy. "My mom doesn't fly in to save the day. . .well, sometimes she does" shows another mom as a medical helicopter pilot. Hero Mom gives a reassuring message that children still "feel their super love" even when moms are away from home.

Although both books are written for young children, the message of parents as heroes for serving in the military is clear and poignant. Children of ALL ages will enjoy these books, as well as sparking an easy-to-follow writing pattern! 

What books do you use to bring awareness of Veterans' Day? Be sure to click on the button below to find more great suggestions!

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  1. I came across this book too, but I wasn't familiar with it. Great post. Glad you chose it.