Back to School Goals 2014-2015

With school starting in less than a month (yikes!), it's time to start thinking about this new year!! Thanks to Jess at I {heart} Recess for this link up!

Personal: I tend to get very focused on 1 thing & then forget about others. My goal is BALANCE this year! Balance between school, blogging, TpT, working out and putting my family & friends & my spiritual life as a priority!

Organization:I'm known for all the PILES on my desk so my goal is to keep the top clear and to file papers immediately! My goal is to have my desk clean before I leave school each day: 1) so I can actually sit & work at it! and 2) so I'm not embarrassed if I'm absent & have a sub!

Planning: My teaching partner & I try to plan mid-week for the following week but I want to be more consistent about finishing all plans by the weekend so I can print them out & then can enjoy my weekend!

Professional: I'm so excited about this whole blogging world (true. . . I'm getting rather distracted reading & clicking from link to link!! Lots of amazing teachers out there!!) I also know that I have a lot to share & I love to share! I especially want to link up with other bloggers about educational books & research to implement with my students!! And I have many products "in progress" but need to find time to finish & upload to my TpT store!! Stay tuned!

Students: I know my new group of students is a feisty bunch, but I want to make sure each student knows that 4th grade is a new year & I have no old expectations. I want to find that inner spark & motivation in each child! I want to make a connection and build a relationship with each student.

Motto: I just finished reading The End of Molasses Classes by Ron Clark; it was SOOOO inspiring!! He's such an incredible example of doing whatever it takes to reach each child and to let them know you're cheering them on!! It's a MUST READ!!

What are some of your goals for this upcoming school year? I'd love to hear about them!

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