10 Random Facts About Me

I’ve loved reading about so many of you so I thought I’d follow your examples & let you in on some random facts about myself (in no particular order)! You can get to know me & hopefully find something in common!

1. I am excited (yet petrified) about starting this blog!! Any tips or requests or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and welcomed!!

2. My favorite color is pink. I love all shades of pink! My first license plate was PNK4EVR (pink forever; not punk forever. . . even though this was in the early 80’s!!) My school laptop has a pink cover & keyboard, I have a pink water bottle, pink iPad case, pink book bag . . . you get the picture. . 

3. I do not watch TV. . . haven't since 1998. I know this sounds weird and unbelievable, yet true. I DO like movies, although I don’t have much time (or patience) to sit & watch them at home. Funny story: the first time my youngest daughter saw a commercial at her grandma’s house, she was furious because she thought someone had cut into her movie!! Lol

4. I kill plants. . not on purpose, but somehow they always die. The joke in our family is that I’ve even killed succulents. Luckily, my hubby has a green thumb & can make anything grow! (When a student gives me a plant, hubby quickly takes it from me to take care of it!)

5. I’m addicted to reading; therefore I cannot pleasure read during the school year because I ignore everything else: family, chores, grading papers. I AM a fast reader though (finished The Fault in Our Stars in less than a day. . . again, because I did nothing else!!) If you want to see what I’m reading/have read, here’s my GoodReads profile! Please recommend titles; I’m always excited to add new books to my vacation list!! I am usually reading 3 books at once: a professional book, a spiritual/faith-based book, and a pleasure (non-children’s) book. . . if I’m on vacation. Oh! And usually I’m reading several children’s books, too! The teachers at my school started a Book Club this past year & it is fantastic meeting outside of school to discuss non-school books!! (True, there’s also good food & lots of wine!!)
6. I lose my car. Often. In parking lots. A lot. For some reason, I’m always in a hurry once I park, so I jump out & forget to look where I’m parked. After 1-1/2 hours of wandering around Six Flags Magic Mountain parking lot one summer, my oldest daughter installed “iFind my Car” app on my phone. It uses GPS to locate your car & gives walking directions. (However. . . you have to remember to “set the pin” when you first park!! Again, the problem of me running off!)

7. Serving others is an important value for my family. For the past 14 years, we’ve been involved with The Giving Spirit, a non-profit organization serving the homeless. We assemble & deliver survival kits, focusing on homeless women & children. My daughters and I host a “Drop in and Decorate” cookie party each December. Friends drop in & help to decorate over 500 sugar cookies that we bag up to deliver & serve with lunch to homeless shelters. We’ve been to Mexico several times to help build houses with our church(es).
8. I. AM. A. SCRAPBOOKER. Always have been. My camera is always with me: my family, friends, and students quickly learn that their lives WILL BE documented & don’t try to fight it! I have over 70 scrapbooks and many more in progress (the problem is not enough bookcase space!!)
9. “You take her!!” “No, you take her!” I was THAT kid who was ALWAYS last to be picked for a PE team & I FAILED the Presidential fitness award in elementary school. However, the older I get, the more physically adventurous I’ve become. To challenge myself, I’ve now done the Camp Pendleton Mud Run twice!!, zip lined in Switzerland & Mexico, parasailed in Bali, and even hit a base run in our 5th grade vs. faculty softball game! Whoo hoo!! 

10. Mute: I used to be completely petrified of speaking in front of others. So scared that in 7th grade my best friend, Janet, read my oral report notecards to the class FOR me while I stood silently next to her!! My English teacher told me I’d get points marked off, but not speaking was worth the lower grade! Ironic that my career involves me talking for a living!!
My childhood friends can't believe I'm the same person! Have you ever overcome a fear? What was it?

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